eleven more and perhaps the last of the writing?


we’re gaining

momentum, we’re




near a




idhiya? beka?


somehow we


understand each




that yellow



worn. tired.


in patches.



it’s a


to stop what


is going on



now. we


hurry to the




some stories are



than the




at a standstill




still move






caressing you


a hum

a cacophony

sleep is




a vociferous


fight for a




we separate.


light, passing

over your



quick succession.



a representation of your




guttural sounds

shrieks, laughter. you


know it’s





Final Concept


Chapter One- Movement

 A piece of text for Chapter one- Movement

across the



the road



move in



(sample image of) Chapter Two- Change

A piece of text for Chapter two- Change

in a



tongue i





(sample image of) Chapter Three- Time

A piece of text from Chapter three- time








is like the





The final concept is to have an installation of the three seats- either upholstered with rexine/canvas and painted/ screenprinted with images from the bus, or the book. About the experience of sitting in that space.

Each seat represents one section- Movement, Change and Time, my three divisions of Transit.


Each seat will come with a book. The book will contain the writing, relevant to each chapter. The first book, Movement, represents the physicality of the journey, the space. The images will be photography based- collaged, with a cut out portion of the image, leading into the next page, a bold colour, where the text will reflect the image. The second chapter will be more typography based- perhaps experimental typography, where elements from the bus, the handles, the fans, the rods, the textures, will create letters to express the emotion of Change, a transitory moment in the process of journeying, from the physical into the mind, translation of words into a mood. The third will be the dimension of Time, time where the mental carries you into another realm, beyond the tangible, into other worlds. I want this to be represented with simple images, whimsical images, drawing those parallels that are extremely personal, with small areas of text.


I want each book to have a different visual language and have the viewer, in every sense, travel through the three seats and make this journey. Have this dialogue.

17 september 2011, i spent 9 hours searching for bus parts!


and it was exciting!

last week i decided to go with the idea of an installation, of three bus seats placed one behind the other, the seats upholstered with canvas, painted with textures from the physical space of the bus itself and have projections of the writing on the side of the wall, like the window of a bus. but for sheer ignorance about sourcing material for an installation and trying to find a way to realise the idea before getting carried away, i went on a BIG excursion!!

i went to the areas behind Shivaji Nagar and Siddiah Road and to a scrap yard near Bannerghatta road, ‘jahaan bus ko phodte hai’ trying to source out parts of the BTS buses, to create an installation.

some images

and i thought i knew what colour the bus conductor's shirts were!





scrap yard

walking into the scrap yard was quite exciting, and scary at the same time! but its a terrific place, a huge field, where they slowly take apart not only BTE buses, but even some private buses and sell the scrap metal/ parts back to the streets behind shivaji nagar, etc.



and finally, i found seats!!


and the idea fell into place much better, knowing that i could source the seats out. and physically seeing them made all the difference! i met with a few people on siddiah road, who said they could make brand new seats for me, but they seemed expensive and didn’t come with a story, as did these! of where they have been touched the most and the texture and wear and tear.

i also found the rexine used to upholster the seat and bought 1.5 meters of it, and thought, if i could gesso it, or use texture white, i’d be able to get a good grain for painting. i took samples from a few of the shops, of the rexines, the flooring material, etc. and of course, a ton of pictures, that aid in the inspiration and generation of further imagery or ideas!

one last image from the day

Krishnappa Gardens, near Bannerghatta


in addition to this, i decided to try sound with the installation and tried sourcing some tabla players to generate sound based on the bus and my text, to indicate the rise and fall, the mood and translate the literal emotion into something more abstract.

something less classical and quite inspiring!




more writing


place your



feet at




so you are more





he sways,





anything for




i look

out the


window, and


think of



we stole








loud voice



my sleep.



this sound




could be the



growl of a



Third Review


The outcome of the previous review was the i created short ‘poetry’ (for lack of a better word), based on the observations and conversations i had in the bus, co-relating the idea of transit. It led to forming associations with certain imagery, which i used as motifs for the writing, such as shadows, dreams, time, etc. Based on the physical space and the idea of transit as existing beyond a physical dimension, i started working on a canvas, in mixed media.

The panel thought that the writing anchored the work and was a good start, and that it needn’t translate into something literal.
They told me to be careful about the medium and the skill needed to produce and to be sure to work in a medium i felt comfortable with. We spoke about how the work gets validated based on its reference, relevance, to a place or location, more than its visual impression. I was asked if the outcome was going to be an art or design object, and what was the outcome going to be?
My dilemma was that the new content is very subjective, it had a lot to do with my interpretation of the observation and i felt like i was force-fitting the public space idea on it, because i had originally wanted to work with it. I wanted to allow the project to go where it had to. I shared my feelings with the panel and we spoke about what goes up in public space and about what you want to get out of it, as being important factors. I was told not to dismiss the idea, as both were viable project ideas, but rather to choose one and go with it. It could also be that the space acts as a means to arrive at something else (perhaps even a game?)
We’re talking about journeys. Are you taking the viewer on a journey?
I was asked to look up artist books and the nature of work and see if that’s the kind of work that i want to produce and ideate, as well as look up material. Mr. Ravindra pointed out that art in public spaces is different from public art, and how public art deals with a form of representing and translating and integrating it back into the space, and how i should reposition it. We spoke of how either the audience become co-authors or the subject of art generated by you, based on observation.
The only constraint is that this will be only one story, Meena said, referring to how the work becomes more autobiographical.
Sonalee suggested that cartographies, histories, stories, could be a tool to match my perspective with that of others around me and get reactions out of people.
The discussion ended with realizing that a decision needed to be made, fast, about which space the project was going to go into and then churning out visuals for it.
Dada poetry
R.D. Laing (poetry)
padma.net (interactive art)
artist books
Fluxus art movement
Ratna Gupta (artist book)
N S Harsha (installation)
Tara Thomas (Highway Project)